Off Leash Area

Having trouble giving your dog enough exercise?

Is he not allowed off his lead at the park?

Is he simply not very social with other dogs?

Does he not come back to you when you call him?

Do you have too many dogs to watch at once?

We have the SOLUTION for you.


We have a HUGE, secure 36 m x 22 m area available to the public to exercise their dogs. Our Off Leash area is surrounded by quality 6 foot high chainmesh fencing, with concrete underneath.


Our Off Leash Access is only $10.00 per half hour.
This price is for the area NOT per dog.


You will be the ONLY person using our Off Leash area within the time that you have booked. This Guarantees your dog the freedom to run, without the worry of accidentally coming across another dog.

To book an "Off Leash Access", you simply need to give us a call, email or facebook message.


Available hours are: Monday - Sunday 7.30 am to 4:30 pm